They Served

So We Could Be Free

US - Army



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The founders of this organization are prior military service men and military family members.  Seeing all the homeless veterans on the street really strikes home.  Together we can give them back what they once gave for us - their lives.  Our goal is to house every homeless veteran in America and help with rehabilitation, counseling, education, medical, and retrieve any “missing” paperwork so they may receive their well fought for benefits from the government.

The creator of this program was inspired by all the downfalls and dead ends hit by trying to recover his documentation of service from the government.  After years of being put on the back burner by the government he decided to start A Veteran’s Life to help other veterans in the same situation.  We have heard so many stories of the military “Misplacing” paperwork or prolonging the simple task of applying  for benefits.  With this program we will aid in all the areas the government promised to cover but doesn’t deliver.  Most of the homeless veterans are homeless just for this simple fact of a sequence of misfortunate events.


Contact: Jake Cuzdey 360.250.3318